Our story

We are also entrepreneurs and love working with startups. We have started our own startups but we have also worked as consultants. We have seen more than 200 business plans and pitch decks. We have been engaged in many fundraising processes and grant applications. We have pitched in front of investors and have gathered hundreds of hours of sales presentations. We know that starting a venture is difficult and that’s why we have created Talenther, as a platform for startups to reach sustainable growth, global presence and high profitability.

We love working with Accelerators, Venture Builders and VCs but Talenther is not exactly any of them, although tries to unite them all:

  • We accelerate your business by helping you with funding and go-to-market strategies. However, we don’t run periodic pre-defined programs, don’t have training sessions and don’t (usually) invest directly in your startup. We adapt our model to each case.
  • We help you build your venture. We can invest in-kind capabilities in your startup but we don’t have a “magic formula” to create companies. We will collaborate with fundraising and international business development capabilities in most cases. We don’t have internal tech capabilities (yet).
  • We help you raise capital. We have access to an extensive network of business angels, VCs and public funding sources but we don’t manage any fund.